In December 2018, we started a journey to Haiti with the hope of bringing light to the women of the island through the implementation of a breast cancer awareness program with the help of: the LETS Foundation, the Renand Foundation, Dr. Moises Irizarry (our medical specialist and ally), and Dr. Roosevelt ( a doctor of the local clinic).  The group embarked to Bassin-Bleu, to meet with  the community  where they facilitated  breast examinations along with an educational session led by Kristin Van Wey of the LETS Foundation and Marylin Dans of The Pink Luminous Advocacy Project in which the citizens were taught a class on fertility and wellness curing. Many women in developing countries will never have the access to a mammogram or sonogram and with the help of the Pink Luminous Breast devices, donated by The Pink Luminous Advocacy Project, we immediately identified 9 women with breast abnormalities.

We took a step further and we provided individual surgeries, biopsis and post care. These cases and results were also sent to doctors who are collaborating with our cause in the United States with the hopes of beating this disease. The purpose of this project and our foundation is to be able to diagnose these women as well as providing them a longer and happier life in which they can watch their kids and communities grow.   


Lets Empower Women Foundation

LETS believes that when adults get access to open and appropriate education about basic health, the fertility cycle, menstruation and the tools to manage this natural process effectively, the result will be fundamental and positive change in communities. The project is led by Kristen Van Wey. Kristin is an internationally recognized leader, educator, speaker and trainer in innovative approaches to wellbeing and has helped thousands experience insights, understanding and remarkable results. With over 25 years of professional experience in health, Kristin is one of the leading voices on the use of essential oils. Her humanitarian efforts have brought hope and  empowerment to communities in crisis and she’s dedicated to partnering with others to serve communities globally.

Renand Foundation

The Renand Foundation provides rural families in Haiti with the means and infrastructure to help them build a strong home and future for their kids. They facilitate, support, educate and get out of the way as they firmly believe a child’s success resides at home. They also support job creation, home build outs and repairs, as well as giving them access to wellness programs. It is the responsibility of the Wellness Program to create and implement sustainable programs for health and wellness in all areas of life for the Haitian communities.