The Pink Luminous Advocacy Project aims for the education of women and men on the need to be proactive with their breast health, by disseminating awareness, prevention, and catching it in early stages.

Change starts with someone but together we can make a difference.  Support our mission to collect funding to get Pink Luminous Breast Class III approval by the FDA.  Your contribution will allow women around the world access a device that could potentially save her life.

 Donate to support Pink Luminous Breast get FDA Class III Approval

Together we can achieve FDA Class III approval and get our devices in the hands of so many women who need it to support their breast health.  Donate monthly, one time donation or donate in memory of a loved one.

Images from the latest Clinical Trails for Pink Luminious Breast

The latest study validates the use of the PLB device as a complement tool, providing more efficient earlier detection strategies. The PLB works by emitting a RED LED light with a harmless spectrum of 640-800 nanometers, the trans-illuminated breast tissue allows the observation of abnormalities represented by darker or shadow areas.

We are focused on educating women and men on the need to be proactive with their breast health. Donate to help us raise funds for FDA Class III Approval for our at home self-examining familiarity tool.  We accept corporate donations, monthly donations or donations in the name of loved ones.