Who We Are


The Pink Luminous Advocacy Project aims for the education of women and men on the need to be proactive with their breast health, by disseminating awareness, prevention, and catching it in early stages. We are also focused on investing in research, specifically as it relates to how red LED spectrum light can be used to detect early symptoms of breast cancer, enabling women to monitor
their breast health at home. Our third priority focuses on distributing preliminary breast cancer screening tools to women living in financially challenged communities, where the resources for mammograms
are not easily accesible. Join us and become part of the movement today!

Marylin Dans
Founder, President and CEO
Marylin Dans is the Founder, President and CEO of SilkProUSA, a Miami-based beauty/technology enterprise focused in bringing the absolute most advanced laser and light technology for at home use to consumers everywhere. With an array of products under its belt, SilkProUSA is currently addressing practical human needs with high efficacy standards, while delivering state-of-the-art products to our customers. As part of the company’s corporate social responsibility, Dans is fully vested in the growth of the Pink Luminous Advocacy Project, a non-profit organization supporting breast cancer awareness efforts in places where access to education and medical services are not always prevalent. The non-profit organization provides access to potentially life-saving technology at low cost to economically-challenged communities in the US and abroad.
L&M Associates
Cross Cultural Consulting Firm Specializing
LM & Associates is a Miami-based, cross-cultural consulting firm specializing in non-for-profit strategy, life/executive coaching and corporate social positioning. We believe that everyone can play a role in shaping the world in which they want to live. We offer advice to individuals, corporations and nonprofit organizations interested in maximizing impact and making a real difference. www.lmassociatesconsulting.com
Dr. Moises D. Irizarry, M.D
Family Medicine and Regenerative Specialist
Dr. Moises Irizarry-Roman, MD is a Family Medicine and regenerative medicine specialist in Miami, FL and has been practicing for 17 years. He graduated from Universidad Central Del Caribe School of Medicine in 2001 and specializes in regenerative medicine, sports medicine, and more.
Toni Cisneros
Prominent Philanthropist and Business Leader
Tony Figueroa Cisneros is a prominent philanthropist and business leader in the South Florida community. He is the President & CEO of Global Procurement Specialists, a firm providing complete procurement solutions for industrial clients. Alongside his wife, Ana Figueroa Cisneros, he supports several nonprofit organizations in South Florida, including Nicklaus Children's Health Foundation and the American Cancer Society, just to name a few. Tony is also a Board of Trustees member for Gulliver Preparatory School.